Quality Elvetik® Swiss Design wellie boots are made using 100% Natural Rubber.  The manufacture of each boot incorporates high grade and sustainable production and manufacturing methods resulting in a quality product where natural comfort and protection are of the upmost importance. The manufacture of Elvetik Swiss Design wellie boots enables local communities within the industry to continue their work from the farmers in Vietnam who harvest the raw rubber to the transformation and manufacturing phase, representing approximately 250 people who are closely involved in the careful production of our rain boots.  We are proud to guarantee these fundamental values in the development of our product.   Natural rubber Our boots are exclusively made of natural rubber. Natural rubber comes from latex, the resin of Hevea tree, also known as 'the rubber tree'. Advatages of natural rubber are obvious in particular for flexibility, but above all, for its process that does not pollute, contrary to PVC or artificial rubber boots, both made from petroleum. Natural rubber is an organic thus living material that may react to weather conditions. Keep from direct sunlight and freezing storage, wich may damage and prematurely age the material. Please follow our instructions in the 'shoe care' section under each product.