Blue natural rubber with red line 


2 extra pairs of shoe laces: blue + red

1 extra pair of insole 5 mm


100% black cotton, with 5 mm EVA insole

100% natural rubber, 100% waterproof

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100% natural rubber. 100% waterproof.

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Elvetik® boots are made of natural rubber. People with a sensitive skin or latex allergy should not wear them directly next to their skin.

Elvetik® boots are meant to be worn under normal conditions. They do not protect from extreme temperatures.

Untied laces may be dangerous.

Keep spare laces out of reach of children.

Worn out soles may become slippery.

Product care

Elvetik® rubber boots & socks

In order to keep your Elvetik® boots looking their best, please follow a few rules :

  • Store your Elvetik® boots in a dry and cool place and avoid direct contact with a heat source, extreme cold or sunlight.
  • To avoid deformation of your Elvetik® boots, store them upright and avoid folding and creasing.
  • Remove excess dirt and/or mud by wiping your Elvetik® boots with soapy lukewarm water and let them dry naturally.

Powdery marks may appear on your Elvetik® boots. This happens frequently on natural rubber and is called "blooming". Blooming is not a defect or a lake of quality. You can restore the original shiny finish by using a wax polish spray for rubber and a buffer. The wax polish spray should not be applied neither on the laces nor on the sole that could become slippery.

Fleece socks are machine washable at maximum 86°F.

Tumble-drying is not recommended.

Let your socks dry naturally.

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